Imperial War Museum Duxford

If someone is looking for historical aircraft and especially for the technical evolution in the 20th Century he has to visit the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Beside the RAF Museum at Hendon the IWM at Duxford has the most complete collection of British aircraft from the last century. Beside this several privately funded groups are operating their Warbirds from Duxford.

For additional info visit the homepage of the Imperial War Museum and check the links.

Following some detail photos of aircraft stationed at Duxford:

Bristol Beaufighter XI, JM135/A19-144

Both Bristol Hercules engines of the Beaufighter that belongs to the Fighter Collection and which is restored to airworthiness.
Rudder of the Bristol Beaufighter in the assembly rig.
Almost complete cockpit section.


Gloster Gladiator II, N5903

Bristol Mercury engine of the Gloster Gladiator of the Fighter Collection.
Below the fuselage and the upper center wing panel in the process of restoration