RAF Museum Hendon

If someone wants to see some very rare British military aircaft he has to visit the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon. The museum is located on the former Hendon airfield which is in the northern suburbs of the City of London.

At the moment the aircraft are exhibited in three hangars. The "Aircraft Hall" contains aircraft from the beginning of flying until the jet age. Next to this the "Bomber Command Hall" contains aircraft of the Bomber Command covering aircraft types like the Vickers Vimy, AVRO Lancaster or Armstrong Siddeley Vulcan. Finally the "Battle of Britain Hall" with British and Axis aircraft types that flew during the battle of Britain.

At the moment the museum is finalising its plans for an expansion. For additional info visit their homepage.

Following some detail photos of some of their aircraft:

AVRO Lancaster I, R5868

The AVRO Lancaster was one of the aircraft types equiped with the Martin Cable Cutter. Every Lancaster had 16 cable cutters for protection against German barrage balloon cables. The two photos to the right and left show the four innermost cable cutters of the wing root of the port side of Lancaster R5868.


Bristol Blenheim IV, L8756

Cowling of the port side engine of a Bristol Blenheim with two latches.
The Bristol Blenheim IV had two Bristol Mercury 9 cylinder radial engines. Typical for the installation of Bristol radial engines are the cowl gills (flaps) that were of Bristol design.


De Havilland Mosquito T.3, ML963

Port engine of the De Havilland Mosquito.
Bomb bay detail of the De Havilland Mosquito.


Napier Sabre

Napier Sabre engine of a Hawker Typhoon.


Junkers Ju 88R-1, 360043 (PF876)

Several detail photos of the main undercarriage of the Ju 88R.


Boeing B-17G-95-DL, 44-83868

One R-1820-97 of the B-17G of the RAF Museum with parts of the engine cowling.

The main nameplate of the engine is not the one on the gear casing but the other one below on the oil sump.

General Electric Type B turbosupercharger for one of the engines of the B-17G.